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About Us

Asad Haith is a native of Richmond, Virginia and is the owner/ operator of ASAD FITNESS. Asad has been weight training for 30 years and has a love and passion for fitness and a healthy well being. Asad has been a certified fitness trainer since 2011 and has trained hundreds of people during the span of his craft. His knowledge and experience as a fitness trainer has afforded him the opportunity of working with diverse individuals, public speaking events and mentoring our youth.

Fitness is important to Asad Haith as it promotes a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically. A sound mind and body reduces the stresses of everyday life and may expand one’s life expectancy. Being a man of faith, Asad’s vision is to be that vessel that gives back to people demonstrating the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The human body is a temple created to move and to experience the joys of a healthy life. Asad wants to assist individuals with identifying their fitness issues, providing a solution and correcting them. His approach is of tact, respect and positivity with a can do attitude. It’s his desire to succeed with a healthy life, to be the best he can be but more importantly, he wants others to succeed with a healthy life also.